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Rules for visitors
Is it possible to feed the animals in the Zoo with food that you have brought?

The animals of the Lithuanian zoo is fed with balanced, wholesome feed that meets the needs of each animal species, enriched with vitamins, so visitors are strictly prohibited from feeding the animals. If you have brought animal feed, please leave it in a special box near the cash registers. The animal collection of the Lithuanian Zoo is a great value for society and science. However, many animals are predators and very dangerous to humans. For the safety of you and the animals, you must follow the rules for visitors in the territory of the Lithuanian Zoo, which prohibits visitors from feeding the animals, throwing foreign objects into their aviaries, and disobeying warning signs. Human food can cause illness and even death in animals. For non-compliance with the rules, you will be asked to leave the territory of the Zoo and to compensate for the damage. If you have brought feed for the animals, please leave it in a special box near the cash registers.

Why is grass not cut in animal enclosures?

Grass is left in the animal enclosures so that the animals have privacy and can enjoy the shade on warm days.

What is the collection size of the Lithuanian zoological garden?

A little more than 2,000 animals live in the Lithuanian zoo, and the collection consists of 148 different species.

Volunteering at the zoo

The Lithuanian Zoo is currently undergoing reconstruction works and is expected to be completed in autumn 2023. During this period, the number of volunteers in Lithuanian zoos is limited.

Important! Due to work safety requirements, only people aged 18 and over can volunteer at the Lithuanian Zoo.

To volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Mentor Jelena +370 6879 4576 or savanoriai@zoosodas.lt.

Are visitors with pets allowed in the Lithuanian zoo?

Dogs and other domestic animals are not allowed in the Lithuanian zoo due to the prevention of diseases and the peace of the animals kept.

Where can I find all the rules for visitors to the Lithuanian Zoo?
What is EEP?

EEP is a European breeding program for endangered species. It is intended for the management of animal populations in establishments belonging to the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). Visitors can find out whether an animal is part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Program by looking at the EEP logo on the animal’s information board. Currently, the European endangered species breeding program includes the following animals living in the Lithuanian zoo: lynx, Amur tiger, manula, wigged tamarins, Rothschild’s and reticulated giraffes, bison and sea eagle.

What animal conservation projects are underway? Why?

Eurasian Eagle owl conservation projects are currently underway. In order for nature to live harmoniously, the balance of the species living in it is important. Each species has its own function and role in the ecosystem. Often, one species depends on several or even many other species, so animal conservation projects help preserve endangered animal species and restore disturbed ecosystems.